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PMT Travel Route: Enugu, Ogbete => Aba, Factory Road

Fare Price

AC Bus - 100

NON-AC Bus - ₦100

Avaliable Bus Travel Shcedules

Travel Routes Description

Peace Mass Transit also Enugu, Ogbete => Aba, Factory Road daily. Do you want to take a business or leissure trip from Enugu to Aba? You can book a bus online today to make a seat reservation and enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. A trip from Enugu to Aba is 0.149 Km long and typically takes about 2.5 minutes.
The transport fare for Enugu, Ogbete => Aba, Factory Road is NGN2,200. Your arrival route or final bus stop is at PMT route is Aba, Factory Road.

PMT Enugu, Ogbete => Aba, Factory Road Travel Route Key Facts
Serial 135
Name Enugu, Ogbete => Aba, Factory Road
Travelling From Enugu, Enugu State
Travelling To Aba, Abia State
Departure Terminal Enugu, Ogbete
Arrival Terminal Aba, Factory Road
Geo-Location of Origin
Geo-Location of Destination
State From Enugu State, Nigeria
State To Abia State, Nigeria
City From Enugu
City To Aba
AC Bus Transport Fare 2,200
Normal Bus Transport Fare 2,200
AC Bus Fuel Quantity 30
Normal Bus Fuel Quantity 30
Estimated Distance 149 Km
Estimated Duration 150 minutes
PMT Online Booking true
Is Available true

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