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Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Inter-City Price List

PMT offers the most affordable prices to all travellers with more that 3,000 vehicles. Book online with Peace Mass Transit, Nigeria number 1 transport company and reserve a seat for an amazing journey. The Table below shows major inter-city routes covered by PMT in Nigeria and the corresponding transport fare. Please note that the exact amount for fare may vary from time to time, and also does not include excess luggage charge, as specified in our Terms & Conditions. If you want to know the transport fare to tranvel from one city to another suchas Enugu, Onitsha, Abakaliki, Nsukka, Aba, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, Calabar, Abuja, Lagos, Owerri etc., the table below shows the official price list today. Prominent PMT travel routes are Enugu to Lagos, Lagos to Abuja, Calabar to Lagos, Abuja to Minna, Onitsha to Benin, Benin to Lagos, Akure to Lagos, Owerri to Lagos, Illorin to Ibadan, and Port-Harcourt to Lagos. To find out what is the transport fare from one Nigerian state or city to another, here is the list. Book online and reserve a seat for an amazing travel experiece with PMT.

Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Price List - Cheapest Nigeria Inter-city Transport Fare
Location FromLocation ToTypeSchedulesAC BUSNON-AC BUSAction
Lagos, EjigboAbuja, NyanyaHIGHWAY310, 0009, 500View route
Ikom, Four CornerNsukka, Enugu RoadSUBHIGHWAY33, 5003, 500View route
Ikom, Four CornerAfikpo, Ngodo RoadLOCAL32, 0002, 000View route
Ikom, Four CornerBenin,119 Akpakpava Road, 2nd JunctionSUBHIGHWAY37, 0007, 000View route
Ikom, Four CornerYenagoa, OkutukutuSUBHIGHWAY36, 5006, 500View route
Nkpor, Nzuegbu RoadAba, Factory RoadLOCAL12, 5002, 500View route
Ikom, Four CornerAsaba, Head BridgeSUBHIGHWAY35, 0005, 000View route
Ikom, Four CornerCalabar, Bedwell StreetSUBHIGHWAY32, 0002, 000View route
Aba, Factory RoadWarri, Effurum, Uvwie-Sapele RoadSUBHIGHWAY33, 7003, 700View route
Enugu-Ezike, Ogurute Enugu, OgbeteLOCAL31, 0001, 000View route
Enugu-Ezike, Ogurute Onitsha, OgutaLOCAL32, 0002, 000View route
Enugu, OgbeteEnugu-Ezike, Ogurute LOCAL31, 0001, 000View route
Obollo-Afor, Markurdi RoadLagos, OjuelegbaHIGHWAY310, 50010, 500View route
Afikpo, Ngodo RoadLagos, OjuelegbaHIGHWAY39, 0009, 000View route
Owerri, OrjiLagos, OjuelegbaHIGHWAY39, 5009, 500View route
Yenagoa, OkutukutuAbuja, UtakoHIGHWAY311, 00011, 000View route
Abuja, ZubaEnugu, Okpara AvenueHIGHWAY37, 0007, 000View route
Ilorin, Old Jebba RoadAwka, Uni-Zik Junction OppositeHIGHWAY37, 9007, 900View route
Enugu, Okpara AvenueKaduna, Command Junction TrafficHIGHWAY311, 00011, 000View route
Enugu, Okpara AvenueJos, Terminal marketHIGHWAY311, 00011, 000View route
Nsukka, Enugu RoadIkom, Four CornerSUBHIGHWAY33, 5003, 500View route
Awka, Uni-Zik Junction OppositeEnugu, OgbeteLOCAL31, 0001, 000View route
Awka, Uni-Zik Junction OppositeIlorin, Old Jebba RoadHIGHWAY38, 0008, 000View route
Calabar, Bedwell StreetAbuja, UtakoHIGHWAY312, 50012, 500View route
Aba, AriariaYenagoa, OkutukutuSUBHIGHWAY32, 3002, 300View route
Aba, AriariaLagos, OjuelegbaHIGHWAY39, 0009, 000View route
Yenagoa, EkekiAba, Asa Road HighwayLOCAL32, 0002, 000View route
Yenagoa, EkekiAbakaliki, 25A Afikpo Rd. HighwaySUBHIGHWAY35, 5005, 500View route
Yenagoa, EkekiUyo, Itam-ItamLOCAL33, 5003, 500View route
Yenagoa, EkekiPort Harcourt, RumolaLOCAL31, 2001, 200View route
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